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      My work is based on the strange medical oddities found within cabinets of curiosities and museums. I have always enjoyed visiting museums, especially the old fashioned variety with more unusual exhibits. I am fascinated by anatomy; particularly skeletons, as they are the most durable and lasting parts of us, and are able to reveal huge amounts about the lives of someone who lived hundreds of years ago. My interest in medical curiosities is also partly because I find beauty in the strangest things. Even the most mutated skeleton can be aesthetically pleasing and the thought that the bones that I draw were once living creatures gives me a sense of connexion with the past. I am amazed at how nature can make something that is very different from the norm, but can still function perfectly well.

     From metal I create skeletons of deformed creatures which are put into small cabinets or cases. I try to inspire people to become modern collectors and build their own wunderkammers and personal museums. However the pieces will also stand on their own as individual curiosities. My work is not voyeuristic: it does not encourage people to gawp at a side-show attraction, but rather to study with interest the possibilities of nature, to see the beauty that is within everything and to feel compassion for the creatures that remain in museums long after their death. Each piece I make has its own character and personality: this lifts the otherwise sombre objects and gives them a feeling of playfulness to which people can relate.

     I take great pleasure in making and the level of detail within the things that I make reflects this. I use a range of jewellery, blacksmithing and silversmithing techniques and spend much time experimenting in order to find the most suitable and visually satisfying solution to each problem. The metals I use are mainly steel and silver as I have found that these are the two materials that seem to lend themselves most to my style of work. However I have also used others, such as copper and pewter, depending on the situation. I blacken the steel and finish the silver in different ways, depending on the demands of the individual piece. I do not usually make my skeletons highly polished, as I feel this would make them sterile and unnatural seeming.

     There is infinite variety in the world around us and I would like to explore more possibilities so that my work grows and changes with time. The different objects I create are linked by the style of the making and by the thought process that is behind them, but each piece is unique. I enjoy what I do and I hope that you enjoy looking at my creations.

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